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Tripindi Shradha

We are offering Tripindi Pooja which is made in the memory of the dear departed. If for three consecutive years the offerings are not made to the dear departed then the dead gets vehement, so to calm them these offerings are made.

This religious act should be performed at a holy place meant for demon liberation or sacrifice. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are the main Gods in this rite. Of the two kinds, from the earth, from the sky and spirit, virtue, particle, irascible also infant, young and old dead in all stages are oppressed with vehement emotions. In the end one must perform Tripindi Shradha as per the tradition and conventions. Before this rite it is necessary to undertake holy dip in Ganga for expiation and body purification. Here Shakhur is not necessary. As Shakhur is innate part of expiation, Tripindi rite is to be performed accompanied by wife. One can perform this rite even if you are single or a widower. In this God Brahma (Silver), Vishnu (Gold), Rudra (Copper) are omnipresent.

Virtue is an effect of bliss while sin is a result of sorrow. Sins could be diminished through the acts of Jaap, Meditation (Taap), Shantik, Havan. Some sorrows are removed with the help of medicines. A human should follow the path of discipline and righteousness to gain happiness and bliss

Tripindi Shradha must be performed to resolve such calamities. Its assertion is mentioned in "Shradha Chintamani".

पूर्व जन्म कृतं पापं व्याधिरूपेण बाधते।
तच्छान्तिरौषंधैदानै: जपश्राध्दादि कर्मभि:।।